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Introduction To The Course

MS-CIT is an Information Technology (IT) literacy course started by MKCL in the year 2001. It is the most popular IT Literacy course in Maharashtra. In 21st Century, most of the new actionable knowledge is being digitally born (often through digital collaborations), digitally stored, digitally presented, digitally distributed, digitally accessed, digitally archived and managed. It only seems natural that it has become an essential part of one’s personal, professional, and social life. It has also transformed the way of living in 21st Century. MS-CIT attempts to propagate it through IT Awareness, Literacy, Functionality and Applicability among the common people with a view to bridge the Digital Divide, the Resultant Knowledge Divide and Development Opportunity Divide. This surely makes a positive impact on one’s job-readiness, social behaviour and ultimately boosts the self-confidence, enabling him/her to work effectively in the 21st Century workplace.

10th Pass.

3 Months.

What is booting?
Google Name Story
What is Data?
Google’s Self-Driving Car
Know about Information System
What is Software?
Google Project Loon
What is Hardware?
Google Glass
Various Types of Micro Computer
Smart Watches
Know about Working of Computer
Flexible Technology
Use of Internet for Entertainment
Transparent Technology
Uses of the internet for education
Know about Internet & Web
What is Browser?
What is URL & Hyperlink
What is Email?
What is Instant Messaging?
What is WWW?
What is e-commerce?
Electronic Commerce Securities
Using Wikipedia
Domain Name
What is Social Networking
Mark Zuckerberg
Internet Service Provider
About Internet Modem
World Wide Web’s History
File Transfer Protocol
Navigation Technology
Web Based Applications
Plugins and Extensions
Homi Bhabha
Larry Page
Content Evaluation & Internet Security Suites
Home Network and Wifi
Device Drivers
Device Drivers
Disk cleanup and defragmenter
Microprocessor Chips
Specialty Processors
Bus Lines
About AC and DC Power Supply
Bus Line
What is Binary system & Binary coding scheme?
Power Supply
Power Supply Unit
What is Input?
Digital Camera
About Output Device
About Features of monitor
Voice Recognition Systems
3D Printing
Card Reader
Bill Gates
About Storage
Optical Disc
C.V. Raman
Hard Disk and RAID
Steve Jobs
Using Solid State Storage
Mass Storage Devices
Tim Berners Lee
Internet Hard Drive
What is Topology?
Types of Network
Robert Cailliau
What is Protocol?
Know about Physical Connection of Networks
Analog and Digital

End of the Course Completion.

What Will You Learn?

This Course Comprises of:

What will you learn?