KLiC C, C++

About The Course

Introduction To The Course

C Language is one of the most widely used and user friendly programming language. It is faster than any other programming language. The main features of C language are simple set of keywords, low-level access to memory and clean style. You will be able to read and write codes for a large no. of platforms varying for micro controllers to advanced scientific systems.

C ++ Language is a general-purpose object-oriented language. It is considered as an intermediate level language as it includes high and low level language features. It allows to manipulate the processor on lower level. It is helpful in many desktop applications, servers (E-commerce, web search, SQL), performance critical applications (Telephone switches, space probes) and also in Video Games.

  1. The participant should have a MS-CIT certification.
  2. The participant should have passed Std. 12th.

6 Months.

End of the Course Completion.

What Will You Learn?

This Course Comprises of:

The course focuses on practical knowledge and application. The aim is to make the learner efficient and to offer them a rewarding career.