Nauvari Saree Designing (Basic)

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Nauvari means nine yards. Nauvari sarees are worn by the Maharashtra or Marathi women as a traditional saree with traditional ornaments during the celebrations of Lord Ganesha and other festivities. Nauvari sarees are usually made with cotton and worn without a petticoat. The style of draping a Nauvari saree has changed from the traditional style to a modern style which gives a trouser-dress appearance while the saree is tucked at the back. These sarees are also called Sakachcha, Kaashtha, and Lugada. We have mentioned below, some of the topics that we teach at Rani Laxmi Bai Udyog Prashikshan Sanstha, Pune.


1 Month.

End of the Course Completion.

3000/- INR

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What will you learn?